Researching your family and surname history

Researching your family and surname history is a popular undertaking. It’s always fascinating to learn about your ancestors and those who have gone before you bearing the same name. As somebody who has done a little historical digging of his own, Tim, a recent client of ours, got in touch after he purchased a printed parchment containing a history of the name Birch with the coat of arms. Presented in a lovely walnut frame the print beautifully displays detailed information about the history and origin of the name Birch, including some things Tim had not been able to discover during his own research.

Customer Testimonial

“Having spent some years researching my family history I had reached the point where I found references to my earliest family namesakes originating from Lancashire, UK. So I really enjoyed this framed A3 parchment gift. The historic content of my surname origin was interesting and very informative. I was delighted to discover a family coat of arms and family motto too, which I’m planning to have engraved onto a hip flask. I have the brown walnut framed surname history parchment hung on my wall. This will be passed down the family in years to come. Overall a decorative piece of good quality heraldry and a great present to buy for someone who has everything!”

Whether you’ve already done significant research into the history of your family name or the entire concept is a complete mystery to you, our products offer a fantastic way in which to present your family history or display your family crest with pride. Our range of surname gifts, family crest prints, coat of arms gifts and heraldry certificates make for the perfect present for others as well as excellent purchases for those who have an interest in their own family history.

Birch family coat of arms and motto
Birch family coat of arms and motto
family name history print
Birch family name history print