Surname History & Name Origin

Surname History & Name Origin

Surname History & Name Origins

Since 1971, our professional researchers have been compiling a vast library of surname history/histories. New resources are continually being added to our library, and our historians continue to develop new surname histories and update existing histories for accurate name origins. The source material used for our histories has been chosen for its reliability and authenticity. Exaggerated or fictional information has been excluded from the scrolls and any information that can be attributed to legend or folklore is clearly stated as such. In general, events and people are only cited if supporting evidence is available.

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The following bibliography is a sample of some of our frequently used sources. Sources are listed by the main nationality for which they are used; however, many books apply to more than one area of research. If you are interested to have your surname history, family crest/coat of arms on a personal gift, then please visit our shop today

England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales Surname History

  • A Constitutional History of Modern England
  • Age of Conquest – Wales
  • Agrarian History of England and Wales
  • A Heraldic Alphabet
  • An Ordinary of Arms – Scotland
  • Assize Rolls
  • Bede’s Surname Histories
  • Benet’s Readers Encyclopedia
  • Book of Kells
  • Book of Ulster Surnames
  • Brights of Suffolk
  • Burke’s Commoners, Landed Gentry, Peerage
  • Cabinet of Irish Literature,1-111
  • Catholic Directory for Scotland
  • Calendarium Inquistionum Post Mortem Sueddeutsche Familiennamen
  • Clans Septs and Reg.s of the Scottish Highlands
  • Court Records
  • Roll of the Battel Abbey
  • Scotch-Irish l-ll
  • Scots Heraldry, Innes
  • Scots Kith and Kin
  • Scottish Clan and Family Names
  • Scottish Family Histories
  • Surname dictionaries by Bardsley,Reaney,Black, Hanks and Hodges
  • Tartans of the Clans and families of Scotland
  • The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  • The Celts Families of the South of Bonne Bay
  • The High Kings
  • The Pictish Chronicle
  • The Surnames of Ireland, MacLysaght
  • The Wace Poem
  • Various Passenger Lists
  • Welsh Surnames, Morgan

France Surname History

  • Ancien Regime
  • Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana 1699 – 1732
  • Coming of the French Revolution, The
  • Complement au Dictionaire Genealogique Tanguay
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biographies
  • Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Francais
  • French Canadians l-ll
  • Genealogie des Familles de Terrebonne
  • Genealogies des Familles de Saint-Simon, 1600-1900
  • Huguenot Ancestry
  • La France Moderne-Grand Dictionnaire Genealogique
  • La Noblesse aux Etats de Bourgogne de 1350 a 1789
  • Le Grand Arrangement des Acadiens au Quebec
  • Le livre d’or du Lyonnais
  • Les Noms de Famille de France, Albert Dauzat
  • Les Vieux Noms de France, Puymege
  • Nobiliare de France
  • Nos Origines en France
  • Nouvelle Biographie General 1850-1860
  • Oxford Companion to French Literature
  • Who’s Who Quebec and its Historians
  • Repertoire des Mariages de L’ll D’Orleans, 1500-1900
  • Richelieu’s Desmarets and the Century of Louis XIV
  • The French Canadians 1760 – 1967
  • Who’s Who in France

Spain/Latin America Surname History

  • Apuntes de Nobiliaria y Nociones de Genealogia y Heraldica
  • Elenco de Grandezas
  • Encyclopedia of Latin America
  • Nobiliario Espanol, Atienza
  • Oxford companion to Spanish Literature
  • Oxford Companion to Sports and Games South America, Central America and the Caribbean
  • Who’s Who among Hispanic Americans
  • Y Titulos Nobiliarios Espanoles

Germany Surname History

  • Abhandlungen zur Namenforschung
  • Bayerisch Stammenbuch von den alten abgestorbenen Fuerton
  • Deutsches Namenlexikon, Bahlow
  • Die lippischen Familiennamen
  • Die lippischen Familiennamen
  • Familiennamen der Ostschweiz
  • Familiennamen im badischen Oberland
  • Familiennamen in Ostfalen
  • Familiennamen in Tirol
  • Faenkische Familiennamen
  • Grosses Wappen Bilder Lexicon
  • Habsburg Monarchy
  • Kneschke, Deutsches Adeis Lexicon I-IX
  • Mecklenburgisches Namenbü chlein, Bahlow
  • Mittelhochdeutshes Namenbuch nach schlesischen Quellen, Bahlow
  • Nebst Tarneller, Tirolen Familiennamen
  • Niederdeutsche Familiennamen
  • Oxford Companion to German Literature
  • Reitstap’s Armorials
  • Scwabische Geschiechisnamen, Kapff
  • Wuerttemberg Emigration Index

Canada Surname History

  • Canadian Almanac and Directory
  • Canadian Heraldry
  • Carleton Saga
  • Census Records for the 19th Century
  • Colombo’s Canadian Quotations
  • Cornwall – From Royal Township to Industrial City (Ontario)
  • Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation, Whyte
  • Families of the South of Bonne Bay
  • Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland
  • Loyalists in Ontario, Reid
  • Old United Empire Loyalists Lists
  • Scottish Tradition in Canada
  • Who’s Who in Canada

Other Nationalities Surname History

  • Americans of Royal Descent
  • Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists
  • Boltons American Armory
  • Debretts Texas Peerage
  • Fatal Shore, Hughes
  • Irish Emigrant Experience in Australia
  • Library of Congress American and English Genealogies
  • Various American Who’s Who
  • Russian Heraldry and Nobility

This is not a complete list of the bibliographic sources that we have at our disposal, but hopefully it demonstrates the vast source of information that we use to craft each family surname history.

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